What you need to know about getting your NSW White Card online.

NSW Whitecard

You want to work in construction in NSW.
You will need a whitecard to say you have completed general Construction Induction Training.
So you google whitecard training and decide to go with an online one because it is cheap and quick.

But there is a couple of things you should know before you take the “easy” option

1. NSW whitecards cannot be issued online, any one who says they can is lying to you

2 Most whitecards issued online are issued as a QLD whitecard, and technically they do have reciprocal recognition in other states. However many of the major builders in NSW will not accept a QLD white card because of the multitude of poor quality providers. So you may show up to work and be told to go home, your whitecard is not good enough.

3. It is really hard to prove who completed the course online, and too many people have worked out how to circumvent the ID process for the online courses.

4. Some of the online courses are TERRIBLE, and you don’t actually learn anything that will keep you safe on site.

5. If you complete the online course you may have to wait up to 3 weeks to get your card, if it comes at all. We have heard many stories of young tradies completing a course and then never getting their card, emails and phone calls not being returned and there is no refund or recourse.

So, do it right the first time.

Attend a White Card Course with a NSW WorkCover Approved provider, You will pay a little bit more, and it will take six hours of your time, but you will come away with a sound understanding of construction safety, you will get your certification the same day and you can be certain that your employer or main contractor will accept the qualification once you get to site. And if you have any problems at all you can ask for your card to be reissued directly from Work Cover NSW.

**edit**   As of November 2017  Excite Safety Training no longer conducts whitecard courses.   Please visit the http://www.safework.nsw.gov.au/  to view the list of current training providers.

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