Strata Safety Management Assessments

We can take the stress out of Strata Safety Management

Whether it is for your due diligence, your annual safety meetings or just to get a sense of the health of your investment, Excite Safety can help you with your Strata Assessment needs.

Our strata assessments are quick to do and simple to read. You will be able to get clear answers on what safety issues are apparent in your building, how urgent they are and what is needed to remedy the issue, so there is never any confusion on what is needed. 

The inspection itself will take around an hour to complete, pending on the size of the building. Our Safety Expert will do a walk around of the common areas of the building and identify hazards which are present. Within the week of this inspection taking place you will receive your easy to read inspection report.

The Process

  • Book your Inspection by using the Calendly link or by giving us a call on 95213410
  • A qualified Excite Safety Inspector will do an assessment of your strata
  • An easy to read report will be generated and provided to you within the week


“One of the major challenges facing the strata industry right now is insurance. Premiums are
significantly increasing year on year especially for commercial complexes. In addition insurers are
reviewing their risk profiles.

To assist Owners Corporations operating within these high risk sites, we actively encourage them
to obtain a WH&S Report which we have prepared by Excite Safety. Once completed the report is
forwarded to the Owners Corporation and myself for review.

In these reports Excite Safety identifies the areas of risk within the complex without fear or favour.
The Owners Corporation then implements a rectification plan. Upon completion the report and
plan is submitted to insurers along with proof that the necessary work has been completed
ensuring the complex is safe for all who attend.


Stephen Hardy- Your Local Strata

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