Workplace Safety Consulting

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)  is an essential part of running your business.

Under the WHS ACT 2012 any Persons Conducting business or undertakings ( PCBU’s)  are required to safeguard their workers.

So whether you are a sole trader, or a business with hundreds of workers you must meet a number of requirements under the WHS act. Failure to meet these requirements can mean

  • Injuries & Accidents
  • Workers compensation payouts
  • Increased insurance bills
  • Legal penalties

At Excite Safety Training we want to take the hassle out of meeting your WHS requirements. We have developed an easy to use system that will walk you through your compliance obligations step by step so that you and your workers are protected at work.

Some of the benefits we can provide are

  • Peace of mind
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Tax deductions

You can also opt to use our new Safety Management Suite for comprehensive online tracking of all your workplace safety documents and activities.

Workplace Assessment

Not sure what your obligations are?

Need some help prioritising your safety needs?

Have one of our experienced workplace auditors come and check out your work place.

Giving you practical and cost effective advice

Safety assessment

Comprehensive workplace assessments include


  • A check list of over 300 safety items assessed against, federal, state and industry requirements.
  • A detailed report showing your current compliance levels and where improvements are required
  • A number of practical and cost effective solutions to ensure your minimum compliance, and suggestions for “best practice” options
  • A proposed action plan for addressing the improvements as required.


Safety Starter

Take the next step and get your documents in order

Two options to suit your business

Do It Yourself Kit



  • A set of generic templates you can customise yourself
  • Basic safety equipment starter kit (fire extinguisher & blanket, first aid kit & manual, equipment location signs)

Fully Customised

Save weeks and have our experienced staff  create fully customised workplace safety documents

  • Emergency Management plan
  • Policies, registers and other essential documents
  • Safe Work Method Statement Templates  ( for construction related companies)
  • Developed in consultation with your staff to ensure the documents are suited to your work environment
  • Reminders when your documents are due for review

Safety Net

Don’t have full time WHS Officer?

Let Excite Safety Training take care of the monitoring & maintenance of your safety program with a Safety Net subscription

Two levels of service to suit your requirements and budget

Add the Safety Management Suite to give you a complete safety solution.


  • Implementation support for key personnel
  • Training reminders
  • Incident support
  • General Phone & email Support
  • Annual review of all Documents


All the standard features plus

  • Scheduled Quarterly site visits and training plan sessions with key personnel
  • Scheduled Quarterly general staff training sessions run by excite instructors
  • Semi Annual Fire drills
  • Discounts on all accredited group training
  • Unlimited phone and email support