What most business owners ignore until it is too late.

What most business owners ignore until it is too late.

Starting a business is exciting.   You set up your ABN and register a name.   Open a bank account, get some business cards printed and wait for the money to roll in.

You start getting work, then you get more work.  Then you find yourself needing help. so you employ a person, then another.  Before you know it you have a great team working on whatever it is that you love to do.

Things are Great!

Then one of your employees has an accident on the job.

They need time off work.  They need medical bills paid, Work Safe is called in to investigate. They find that you didn’t fulfil your duties to provide a safe workplace.

You don’t have any policies in place. You don’t have any training or induction records. You didn’t provide sufficient instructions or supervision to your worker.

Your insurance company decides you didn’t fulfil your end of the deal, they refuse to pay out.

Your employee is now taking you to court and seeking damages.

Things are looking bad, you could lose the business and your personal assets as well. But it doesn’t have to get this bad.

By providing a safe workplace, By ensuring that all your employees agree to policies and procedures designed to keep them safe, By training and supervising your workers, By keeping records of all those things, You ensure that you have done everything within your power to keep your workers safe.

Now,  even if a worker gets injured, your business is protected.

Safety should be part of your everyday work and every day at work should be safe.


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