Businesses have used computers for decades, they can make communication, data entry and research so much more effective than any other tools that we have. Technology in 2019 helps workplaces do tasks quicker, easier and more cost effectively. Laptops and smartphones take the workplace to a whole new level, but as the tech increases, so does the amount of time your workers are spending with their screens on.

The risk of being computer and desk bound is that workers are having a more inactive lifestyle. Dangers of this lifestyle include the minor risks of poor posture, but also the more concerning risk of heart disease and weight concerns.

Even though technology is the issue, it’s also a part of the solution! Wearable health monitors are a great way to keep an eye on your activity rating, and can help create a more balanced lifestyle. Workplace health apps installed on your phone, laptop or web browser have also been increasing in popularity. The Excite team has been using Stretchly for the past few weeks to ensure we’re taking breaks and stretching regularly as we go through our day of digital work.

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