Keeping Your Young Workers Safe


Young Workers can be a valuable resource to a business. They’re inexpensive, have high energy, and in a world where technology and media is advancing more and more every day, they are able to bring new ideas to the table that others won’t have even experienced before. Young Workers can be a significant risk when it comes to workplace safety. Over 13000 serious workers compensation claims were for young workers in the 2015-16 period. Young workers can lack experience and maturity, may also take more risks than older workers and be fearful to speak up to superiors. Young Workers will also  likely be   unfamiliar with work health requirements  and potential safety risks.  As an employer it’s essential that you are able to help these newbies find their feet in the workplace.
Here is how you can do it.:

Safety Inductions are key

Let your workers know about all the measures in place to keep them and their colleagues  safe is crucial. For a lot of your young workers, this will be their first time in any sort of professional environment, so they will be unfamiliar with the tasks they are required to do and the equipment they are using. By making sure your worker fully understands their surroundings and knows how to properly use their  tools, you’ll be able to ensure that they can carry out their job safely

They need to take responsibility too

Give your young workers permission to question and speak up about any risks they may identify, or even if they feel unsafe. Making sure that there is an open dialogue between you and your workers will help to maintain WHS standards.  Giving your young workers  responsibility for their own safety and supporting their contribution will help them take ownership of their role

Ensure young workers are adequately trained

You must ensure that young workers are supervised until they are competent in their role. But consider providing other training that would make them an asset for the workplace, such as first aid, fire safety training or manual handling. Having your young workers trained in these areas helps them identify potential risks and may even save their life  or that of a colleague.  Excite Safety runs public fully accredited first aid courses, or you can book a private course for first aid, fire safety or manual handling on site for over 5 people These courses are delivered in an entertaining and engaging way perfect for young workers of all ages.

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