Fire Safety For Summer

Fire Safety For Summer

It’s heating up. How do you stay safe during fire season?

It’s the end of spring, which means summer is only a few weeks away. While the Australian summer comes with many incredible things- barbeques, Christmas, seasonal fruit- it’s also synonymous with something less pleasant- fire season. As we head into the warmer months it’s important to protect yourself, your homes and your businesses from fire danger.

Keep it clean

Keeping areas clean and tidy is the simplest way to make sure that fires don’t have the fuel to continue to spread. Clearing any rubbish, plant debris and other fire propellants in a 20 meter radius will help create a ‘circle of safety’ for your properties.  Keeping gutters clean, trees and shrubbery trimmed and all flammable chemicals sealed and secured will also make your home or business instantly safer and less likely to be caught in a fire this summer.

Maintain the Equipment

You know the ads making sure you check your smoke alarms in your homes. But you should definitely be doing more than that if you’re a business owner. Checking your fire extinguishers are fully charged, accessible and visible. Making sure your fire plan is effective and up to date is also extremely useful to making sure that everyone is prepared in case a fire happens. Knowing where to evacuate to, who is in charge during a fire, and the procedures in place to prevent fires during the warmer seasons are all essential to making your business safe.

Do you need to do a fire safety course?

Excite Safety does accredited fire safety first attack and evacuation courses that will give all your staff the basic skills to handle a fire emergency. These are two hour courses that can be done onsite or at our office.  This course will allow your business to meet compliance requirements under the WHS act as well as insurance obligations.
You can book a private fire safety course for 5 or more staff members online through:

Our website

Or by calling us on 0295213410

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