Common Workplace Safety Mistakes

Common Workplace Safety Mistakes

Every business wants to believe they have the highest standard of workplace safety, and no one wants to be caught out on faults in their OHS policies and procedures.  Safety is vital for a business to run smoothly. There are however, many mistakes that are common in business practice. Whether it be for reasons of effort, time, money or a simply lack of awareness to what is going on. But without the remedying of these issues, there can be nasty consequences.  A simple category 1 breach of the WHS Act 2011 of reckless conduct carries a penalty of $3,000,000 for the company and a 300,000 or 5 year imprisonment for an individual worker responsible.

So what are these common mistakes and how can you avoid them?

Believing that just because there have been no injuries, that your business is safe.

Just because none of your workers have reported injuries, does not automatically mean that your business is safe. You might be fortunate that no one has cut themselves on that sharp bench (Or told you that they have) but that does not mean it will comply with the WHS standards.  Many employees may lie about injuries to save their companies safety record, or simply become ignorant in noticing the risks around the business

To remedy this make sure that you and your employee’s eyes are always peeled and that there is an open and easy way to address workplace safety issues. Completing regular risk assessments will allow you to identify any and all potential hazards and allow you to pinpoint exactly how you can fix these issues.

Keeping training quick and brief, or making staff learn safety on the job.

Do all your employees know where to go when there is a fire evacuation? How about what do to if they injure themselves?  Many businesses like to start their new staff off quickly, wanting to get them into actually doing the work they have been employed for. The result of this is skimming over the safety procedures, and leaving their staff in the dark on vital knowledge.

By taking time to train your staff correctly, keeping policies and procedures clear in induction, and making sure that new employees understand safety procedure, safety will be streamlined at your company and employees will be able to work much more effectively, knowing everything that needs to be done if something goes wrong.

Forgetting about the ‘Little Things’

It might seem insignificant, but making sure the basics of WHS are met is rudimentary. Many companies can become undone simply by not having a fully stocked first aid cabinet, or fully displayed safety signage. What is even worse- is that these issues are so easy to fix!

By simply having a checklists and servicing these issues regularly, you are able to save you and your business a lifetime of hassle. Rectifying the gaps in the WHS fundamentals is such a simple way to keep your business safe and working sound.


By being able to remedy these three common mistakes in WHS procedures, you and your business will be well on your way to meeting safety standards.

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