What is the real cost of ignoring safety?

What is the real cost of ignoring safety?

Often our Clients become clients because something goes wrong, either in their own business, or with someone they know.

Take this story from one of our clients who enlisted us to get his safety procedures in place.

As an electrician this client was called into complete a job that another electrician had started and had failed to complete.  In itself, not unusual, however the reason the job had not been completed was that the  previous electrician – a 19 year old apprentice, was in hospital in a vegetative state because he had been electrocuted while doing his job.

This young man, previously fit and healthy, now faces life in a high dependency nursing home, as he cannot sit up, wash, dress or even speak.  The job had been undertaken without the proper supervision and safety precautions. This accident could have been prevented by something as simple as a “No live-work policy”  which involves the procedure shutting the power off and locking out the switch to avoid accidental reactivation before starting any work on electrical items.

Sadly  the accident not only caused trauma to the apprentice and his family, but also to his employer.  Now imagine if this was one of YOUR employees…….

What sort of emotions would you feel?

Would it put a strain on your health, marriage, family, or your relationship with other employees?

What about the financial costs?

What if you insurance doesn’t pay, because you didn’t meet your minimum safe workplace obligations as an employer?

How will you pay any Medical bills, Legal proceedings or other damages?

Is your family home, superannuation or other personal assets at stake?

What damage would be caused to your reputation and/brand?

Could it ruin your business?

Could you be subject to criminal charges?

How would your other employees be affected?

What would be the impact on their families?

Doing this sort of exercise was enough for this client to decide that he had too much to lose if the same thing happened to him. He needed to be sure his minimum safety requirements were met and he would be protected should one of his employees have an accident.

With the correct policies and procedures now in place, and his employees trained in OHS, First Aid and fire safety, he can sleep a bit easier knowing he has done everything within his power to protect his employees, business, family and assets.

If this has raised questions for you about safety in your workplace, or you would like some help working out what your obligations are, please contact us for some advice on what you can do to protect your employees.

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