Cloud Based Safety Managment

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Plans and Pricing

Donesafe Safety Management

Leading Safety Management Software
FROM $90/Month
  • Cloud Based Safety Management
  • Scaleable for businesses of any size
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Pre-configured modules for common safety compliance requirements
  • Custom modules available
  • Powerful Automations and Workflows
  • Simple to use checklists and reports
  • *licencing only
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Donesafe Professional Services

Get smart about your business safety
FROM $650/Module
  • Our experienced team will customise your Donesafe to best match your needs
  • Available to new and existing Donesafe subscribers
  • Custom Forms, workflows and Automation’s
  • Premium user support
  • Training webinars and workshops
  • Develop Bespoke User Guides
  • *software licencing additional
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Donesafe. Simple, Jargon-Free Safety Software

Protect your business, all year round.

Simple to use software allows workers to report incidents or hazards  and complete checklists and other forms straight from their phone or tablet.

works on any device

Empower every worker to carry a safety expert in their pocket. Donesafe works on any device. Build a safety culture in your business.

No Jargon.  This software is designed for any of your
workers to use from any device. Every worker can now take charge of their own safety.

Build a safety community in your business

Simple, WHS Solutions everyone can use.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What features are included in the software?

Features include

Document management
Hazard & Incident Reporting
Workers compensation management
Training management
Checklists and Audits
Automation of workflows

And much more..

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Do I have to write my own policies & procedures?


No.  We can provide you with a range of documents to meet your compliance requirements, either as templates for you to customise, or we can consult with you and your workers to develop totally custom policies and procedures. Chances are you have most of what you need in place already, you just need a hand to record them!


What happens if I move to another system?

We’ll be sorry to see you go, But all the documents and information on the system remain your property, you can download them and move them wherever you like.

Who owns the Documents once they are loaded.

You do.  You have full use of any templates you purchase from and any customised documents that we develop on your behalf.  We keep generic versions of documents we develop. Any original documents that you load always remain your sole property.

What devices can my workers access the SMS

The SMS can be accessed via your browser on any device that is connected to the internet.   Smart phone, Tablet, PC or Mac.   it doesnt matter if you are running iOs or windows.

Is there an app?

No, You don’t need one.  You can access via your browser on any device.

Do I have to use Excite Safety Training to use the Software?

No. Obviously we think that our expertise ensures that you will get the most out of your management system but you can obtain the software by subscribing directly to DoneSafe, they are awesome guys.  However,  if you want the support of having a WHS expert in your corner and you don’t want the hassle of setting things up all by yourself then the combined option is the way to go.  Think of it as having your very own in house WHS officer, but without the wages bill!     If you decide things arent working out,  we can transfer the software subscription directly to you and go our separate ways.   Same goes the other way, if you have already subscribed to Donesafe,  and you decide you need extra help then we can still help you out.

I already have this software but I need expert advice, can I still sign up?

Sure, we can help you with expert advice and training on the WHS side of things, and will simply subtract the software subscription from your package. You will continue to manage your DoneSafe Subscription directly as you have been.