Excite Safety Training was founded on the belief that ordinary people can handle extraordinary situations – with the right knowledge and training! With this in mind we have put together a selection of resources to assist with preparing for those extraordinary situations.

Whilst we are happy to make this information available, it is general in nature and cannot take into account your individual situation.  We do strongly encourage you and yours to attend some appropriate training – either with us or another reputable trainer – to ensure that you have the skills needed when the extraordinary occurs.

Get excited about safety!

Fire Safety Resources

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Boating Resources

Boating Knowledge Quiz

Workplace Health & Safety Resources

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Some useful links to government websites and private service providers.

Articles we have found that may be of interest.  These links lead to external sites over which we have no control or affiliation.

Company fined $1.1 Million for workers death – ABC online Aug 2015

Operation Bluewater Commences  – Fishing world  Feb 8 2015