Jet Ski School Tackles Rider Behaviour

With all the media attention recently about Jet Ski (PWC) accidents and near misses there is a solution available. Excite Safety Training (RTO code 42196) is now offering “Jet Ski school” educating riders on their PWC capabilities and how to control these agile craft.

Lindsay Smith, Co-Founder of Excite Safety Training has this to say

“I have spent much of my life on and around the water, working in several roles – a surf rescue jet ski operator, hire boat operator and a boat licence trainer and commercial deckhand, as well being an avid recreational waterway user, I have seen first-hand the impact of these craft have.
I enjoy riding PWC’s myself but am always aware of the impact these fast agile craft can have on other waterway users. PWC’s can seem to appear out of nowhere, they can be loud, splashy, and intimidating, particularly when there are groups of them riding in packs.”

PWC’s are fast, powerful and heavy, and require a certain amount of skill to manoeuvre them safely
An inexperienced PWC driver is often unaware of the potential impact of their craft; their fun ride can potentially end in death or devastating injury to the rider or other waterway users.

“My goal is to educate riders so that PWC’s can be seen as the fun and versatile craft they are, rather than the nuisance of the boating world” says Smith.

At the moment it is not compulsory to do any training to learn how to ride a PWC. Excite Safety Training is the only registered training organisation actively offering public PWC skills training of any sort in NSW. The most common alternatives is for riders to learn the hard way, by trial and error, or if they are lucky enough, to have more experienced, but not necessarily qualified, friends teach them.

Smith has found that “a single day training course can save riders at least three months of learning by trial and error, as well avoiding the potential for associated injuries and craft damage that can accompany learning the hard way.”

Smith would like to see training courses as a mandatory requirement for any PWC riders that commit offences relating to speed, distance or nuisance behaviour – perhaps as an alternative to licence suspension. Ultimately she would also like to see a minimum amount of practical training offered as part of the NSW PWC licencing process similar to the QLD system.



For more information and to organise an interview please contact:
Lindsay Smith – Founder – Excite Safety Training


Phone: 0405 101 942