Making your Work Automated- The Benefits and the Risks

Robots are everywhere these days; even in the workplace! By using robots and machines to do tasks that are usually done manually, it means physical labour can be removed from the task, or make the task easier, putting your workers out of harm’s way. New technology has allowed artificial intelligence, drones and machines to do the work that is usually highly physical or tiring for humans. Workplaces like farms, mines, factories or emergency services can be much safer by implementing robotics.

If you do have robots or high-tech machinery in the workplace, there are extra risks that you should be aware of, especially if your human workers are around them. Risk assessments should be done immediately once a new piece of equipment is put in the workplace. Policies and procedures should be written about the use and maintenance of the equipment. Every staff member should be trained on the risks, how to avoid them, and how to act if something goes wrong. Finally, checks should be done at least annually, to make sure that the equipment is still in perfect working order, and if it is not, or if a hazard is found, then the issue should be minimised or fixed as soon as possible.

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