Getting started with Donesafe

Getting started with Donesafe

To hit the ground running with Donesafe, here’s three things to start with.



You have your own Donesafe portal, time to dress up Donesafe to your company colours

  • Go to Admin Settings
  • Select Look and Logo
  • Use the creative artist in you to create the best look for YOUR Donesafe



  • Go to Admin Settings
  • Select Dashboards
  • Add or Edit an existing dashboard
    Multiple dashboards can be made for specific user types e.g. Admin dashboard is different to Contractor dashboard
  • Use the Dashboards 101 pdf so you can learn step by step, how to make a dashboard that suits your needs



  • Go to Settings
  • Select either Users/Locations/Organisations
  • You are able to edit and add items through a very straightforward process
    however you may want to consider bulk importing if you have a large sum of items to import
  • To bulk import, select bulk import
  • Download the user template
  • Fill in the details for each column
  • Save the CSV and Import to Donesafe


If you need additional help, Donesafe has help articles that can be found by selecting your profile icon on the top right of Donesafe and then selecting help. {insert link}


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