Make Safety Easy

Safety can seem overwhelming and complex to navigate with endless paperwork and little interest from staff and supervisors to take the time to implement it fully. However, having a WHS safety management system can be essential to creating a positive safety culture in the workplace. What’s more, having a good safety management system can take away the stress and long hours of managing safety.

What Is Donesafe

Donesafe is a cloud-based Safety Management System which can be tailored to suit you. Donesafe’s easy configurability means that your system can be uniquely developed to meet the needs of your organisation. With over 30 modules to chose from, you can ensure that you get the compliance system that will work for you, without any of the fluff and extras that you won’t use. It’s automations can create efficiency and ease in safety management which can’t be done with paper systems.

Top 5 Reasons to use an Online WHS Management Software

  • EFFICIENCY: Keep the paperwork to a minimum with easy to use systems which can automate the work for you! These let the menial tasks to be done automatically, leaving only the most important, high level tasks to be done
  • ORGANISATION: Instead of the safety report being lost on someone’s desk, your entire system, documents and reports can be kept in one, easy accessible platform.
  • MANAGING COMPLIANCE:  Compliance is made simple with the right apps to work for you and your workplace. These systems can be used through multiple sites and even by remote workers.
  • CLARITY AND CERTAINTY: Always know what’s going on in the business at the click of a button. Have a clean, clearly understandable interface for all your reports, checklists and notifications in one easy to read dashboard which you can access anywhere in the world.
  • SAFETY CULTURE: Allowing employees to take initiative in their safety with clear pathways can promote a good safety culture, making your business safer by simply having the system up and running.